#7 Recap Of 2019: A Year In Review

New Years is always a good time to look back over the year to see just how far you’ve come. A lot can change over the year, which is good! 2019 was certainly a pretty wild ride for me. Join me as we look back over the year and evaluate whether or not we met our goals. This is my 2019 year in review. 

A Year in Review

A lot has happened this year, so lets break it down in a few different categories:

Finishing up college and how I got started with my first professional job.

My financial life and how I managed to flip the switch” and start managing my money like the experts.

Reviewing the goals I had set to finish up 2019 for Minted Millennial, and whether or not I achieved them. 

Go ahead and do your own yearly recap: A Year In Review. Take the time to reflect and write down your achievements from various categories of your choice! 

Now lets get into it. 

Professional Career

I started 2019 off with my final semester of college. It was senior year and I wanted to finish strong, despite all of my peers taking the last semester to completely let go of their grades. 

I decided to make it my goal to get all A’s, which would’ve been tough considering it was one of my hardest semesters.

I did end up achieving this goal of mine.

Although school was my primary “job”, I still had the side job of working in a local Upholstery Shop.

This was great.

The hours were super flexible, the pay was pretty good, and it was low stress work that was honestly pretty relaxing. 

It gave me a taste of small, American local business. 

And then in May of 2019, I walked across the stage at graduation with a degree in Healthcare and minors in both Business and Psychology. 

A couple months later, I started my career as a Health IT Consultant. I was blessed with such a great starting job, making $50k out of college was a pretty big glow up, considering I was always broke in college. 

I decided I wanted to be smart with my money and learn how to manage my money like the experts. And now here I am sharing everything I learn with you guys!

Despite the pay and good benefits, I only plan on staying with this job another year or two to build up enough capital to quit and run my own business.

Financial Life

Like I said, I was always broke in college. I spent a lot of my money on fun stuff with friends, and never invested any.

I didn’t work a whole lot, just enough to buy food and alcohol. 

Summer of sophomore year, I literally had $15 in my account for a month straight. I lived off of ramen packets and cereal. This turned out to be my first unintentional no-spend month!

My bank account was pretty much never over $100. This taught me some pretty valuable lessons and frugality and the importance of saving money.

So leading up to my minty fresh new job, I decided to nut up and learn a thing or two about money management. 

Turns out, I loved learning about it. More than most of classes in college. As soon as I got my first paycheck, I started investing my money in a Robinhood account.

I also designated 12% of my income to go to my retirement account, 4% of my salary to a savings account, and 2% of it gets donated to help kids around the world get a quality education. 

My budget became my bible, and I would reference it all the time. I also started using Mint, Albert, and Personal Capital to manage my finances.

Minted Millennial

In late November of 2019, I started Minted Millennial. The humble beginnings of an amazing journey that will change my life.

I’m passionate about helping people, which is why I went into healthcare, but I get true happiness from running this personal finance blog. 

I set some very short-term goals to wrap the last month of 2019. They are as follows:

  1. Get 100 followers on Pinterest
  2. Hit 15 Posts
  3. Reach 2,000 pageviews
  4. Get a third category started – Investment Strategies
  5. Expand Recommendations page
  6. Create a monetization strategy.
  7. Get approved for Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates.

I set high goals for myself, and ended falling short on some of these. Here are the actual results:

  1. Pinterest Followers: 80
  2. Total Posts: 12
  3. Pageviews: 1,800
  4. Investment Strategies was created.
  5. Another row of recommendations was added!
  6. My monetization strategy was indeed written out. 
  7. Yep, got approved for adsense and amazon affiliates.

Overall, I met 4/7 of these goals. Although I fell short on my metric goals, I’m still happy with the progress.

I got 80 Pinterest followers from nothing in just 2 weeks, and earning 1,800 pageviews on 12 posts in about a month is a great start.

I will need to work hard to overcome this and reach my Q1 Goals, which you can read about here.

Looking Ahead to 2020

In review, 2019 was a great year. I’m setting strong habits that will take me far in life.

In 2020, I plan on building on my success in 2019 to bring me closer to reaching my goal of becoming completely debt free, and earning One Million Dollars.

I hope that my story can inspire you to flip the switch in your life to go from broke all the time to being a well-minted money master.

The choice is yours.

One major suggestion that I have is to read Dave Ramseys book, The Total Money Makeover.

It played a huge role in helping me flip the switch, and taught me a lot of the basics for controlling my finances. Buy the book here, it’s a very small up-front price to pay for such amazing results. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more posts in my Hustle Young, Retire Early (HYRE) series. 

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