#8 Envisioning The Dream Life

The best way to stay motivated is by envisioning your dream life. Everyone wants different things in life, but if you hold true to what you want, it can be the biggest motivator for you to achieve great things. So what future are you trying to build for yourself?

The Best Way To Motivate Yourself

Everyone has dreams. 

People want to drive the nicest cars, live in the biggest houses, install a giant inground pool in their backyard, travel the world, you name it. 

If everyone wants these things, how come it seems like so few people actually achieve it?

There can be many reasons. But in many cases, it’s because people think of their dreams as just that: dreams. Nothing more than an unrealistic aspiration.

Most people think luxury cars and living on a private island are for other people. Not them. And that simple, defeating reality alone will prevent them from ever even trying to go after their dreams.

You really need to think to yourself: “Why not me?”

Why can’t you be the one to roll up to your 20 year high school reunion in a McLaren and wearing a Patek Philippe? 

Guess what: You fucking can.

You are honestly the only thing standing between you and that vision, and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can reach your goals. 

So take a step back and take a good look at your life. If you’ve already achieved everything that you have envisioned yourself achieving, good for you! 

Chances are, you still have a lot left that you want to do. So take some time to start envisioning your dream life.

Stop thinking of yourself as someone that can’t have all of those nice things, you only have this one life. Why live an unremarkable life when all it takes is the right mindset and some determination to live a life worth remembering?

Not Sure What Kind Of Life You Want?

Well now that you know that you just need to get in the right head space, it’s time to sit down and plan out your future vision.

But there are just so many options on how to live a meaningful life, if you’re not sure where to start then it could be a little overwhelming. 

Keep in mind, your dreams are bound to change over time. The goals you set today are most likely not what they’re going to be ten years from now. Our values change, society changes, and the people around us influence your interests. 

So don’t think that your future vision is static. It’s dynamic.

Here are some examples of dreams that can highlight motivate people:

Your Dream Car

This is a pretty common goal that people set for themselves. Cars are one of the greatest wealth indicators, and therefore is often used as motivation. 

The type of car you drive can also be indicative of the kind of person you are, so it has a level of personality to it that reflects you as a person.


It’s important to not get caught up in wealth-symbol aspect of it, as this could cause you to get your dream car prematurely. Don’t be the person that is driving a car that’s more expensive than your house.

Get it when you’re absolutely financially ready.

Your dream car doesn’t necessarily have to be flashy or super expensive either. Some people prefer a more low-key vibe.


These low-key luxury cars still act as a symbol of wealth, but they’re not overbearing. That’s my personal taste.

What kind of car do you see yourself owning in the future? 

Your Dream House

We’ve all seen pictures of celebrities houses on the internet. Some of them are just absolutely ridiculous. Wouldn’t it be crazy to have a place like that for your family?

Maybe the kind of house you’re thinking of right now is beach-side, or maybe it’s built into the side of a mountain, or maybe it has acres and acres of land.

The possibilities are endless.


It seems surreal envisioning yourself living in a place like that, I know. But just know that you deserve it. 

Your dream house should be exactly how you want it to be. There’s thousands of different architectural styles and locations around the world.

Maybe you want to live in a remote location, or in a big city, it’s entirely up to you and your imagination. 


What kind of dream house best matches up with your values and personality? 

Your Career/Financial Ambitions

I’m tying together career ambitions with financial goals since they are pretty heavily linked. These goals are pretty important, so I recommend addressing it when thinking of your ideal life. 

Imagine where you want to be 10 years from now in your career. Do you see yourself in a higher position? The same company that you’re currently with? Are you even in the same field in your ideal life?

Maybe you’re not sure at all where you want to be, and you’re just living day-by-day right now. If you’re happy with where you’re at and can see yourself there for a long time, then that’s fine!

For some people, being in a job that makes you happy is your ideal life, regardless of income. But for those of you who want more, I’d recommend finding out if You’re Getting Paid What You’re Worth and what to do to escape your 9-5 job.

Some people are living with an entrepreneurial spirit, and want to work for themselves. Your ideal life could involve you being CEO of a successful company with employees and products/services. 

Your career goals can impact your financial goals. If you’re not interested in a high-paying job and just want to make a living off of what makes you happy, then you’re more likely focused on a simple lifestyle without the need for materialistic wealth symbols.

But who’s to say you can’t start a business with your passion and become a millionaire that way?

Everyone has different values, so defining what your own personal career goals are can give you direction and motivation.

If you value early retirement, then you’re going to need a greater emphasis on frugality, increasing your income, and meticulous budgeting. 

What are your career goals? Do you want to be a big-time CEO? Retire early? Or align your true passion with your career? The choice is yours.

Traveling The World

Life is all about experience.

Experiencing new things is one of the best ways to improve yourself and your level of open-mindedness. The people that aim to travel the world have a lust for life, an unquenchable thirst for adventure.

Imagine having hundreds of stories to tell your grandkids from your travels, and all of the amazing things you saw. There’s a lot that you’re going to miss out on if you stay within your bubble. 


There are just so many different cultures and people out there to meet and interactive with. Traveling the world can be a truly enriching experience. Luckily it doesn’t have to cost very much either.

I know a guy that went to Europe upon graduating college with not a lot of money saved up. He went backpacking across every country in Europe on his own over the course of nine months with only a few changes of clothes.

He met tons and tons of people, saw everything, and absolutely made the most of his life right out of college. It took courage and perseverance, but he loved it and will never forget those experiences. 


So where do you want to go? Research some cities you’d love to travel to and get motivated.

What Is Minted Millennial's Dream Life?

What keeps me motivated?

Out of the above examples, I use 3 out of those 4 options as motivators. I haven’t put much thought into my dream house, mostly since I’ve never been one to settle down. 

For my dream car, I prefer the subtle but wealthy look. so I’ve set my sights on the Audi R8. 


To further motivate myself, I went to the liberty of making my computer background a picture of an Audi R8 to keep me focused. I plan on buying one when I’m financially steady enough and can afford it in cash.

In terms of career goals, I hope to be able to quit my job to run my own online business eventually. I need enough capital saved up to fund a startup and cover my expenses for a year. I also need to have my student loans entirely paid off. Once that criteria is met, I will be ready to quit my job. 

I’m not the kind of person that can work for other people. I need to be my own boss and run things my way. If you’re like me, then I highly recommend sticking with me on my HYRE journey so that we can reach our goals together.

I would like to run an online business so that I have the opportunity to earn income from anywhere in the world.

There is so much to see and do, I just have to get out there and live a life worth remembering. Some of the main places that I want to visit include New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, and Japan. But those are just a few, ideally I’ll be able to visit several countries from every continent.

Finally, I’d like to retire early. I don’t want to work until I’m 60. Currently, I don’t have a target year set, but I do want to reach complete financial independence by 40. This will allow me to focus on what matters, such as spending time with my family and learning new skills without worrying about money.

That is my envisioned dream life: Retire early from my own business, driving an Audi R8 with the ability to travel anywhere at anytime.

How Will You Envision Your Dream Life?

Now that you have gotten some ideas, hopefully you can start envisioning your dream life. Write your ideas down, and use pictures of your goals to keep you motivated. This could be a phone background, laptop screensaver, or framed photos around your home. 

Stop comparing yourself to other people that are currently more successful than you. You have to know that you have the ability to achieve great things too. 

People in your life will try to convince you that expensive cars and fancy houses are for other people and that you’re crazy for thinking you can have a piece of the pie. 

There’s plenty of money to go around. It’s just a matter of whether or not you’re willing to hustle for it. It takes a lot commitment and discipline to get there.

Don’t think it comes easy; Ignore all of those “get rich quick” schemes.

Your future is in your hands. Start envisioning your dream life today. 

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