#6 Q1 Attack Strategy: Reaching Our 2020 Goals

An offensive coordinator in the NFL never goes into a game without a gameplan. Every week, the OC conjures up a plan against whoever they’re facing, identifying the other team’s weaknesses and strengths in order to determine the best plan of attack. This should be our mentality going into 2020. We should not be entering the new year without a gameplan; If we want to win, we need to plan ahead and effectively prepare ourselves. This is Minted Millennial’s Q1 attack strategy for reaching our 2020 goals.

Q1 Goals Recap

First let’s review our 2020 goals for growing Minted Millennial, then breakdown our Q1 goals:

2020 Overall Goals

  1. Create 5 revenue streams.
  2. Get student loan payments down to $20,000 (Currently at $30k).
  3. End Credit Card usage completely
  4. Earn 15,000 page-views consistently per month for Minted Millennial
  5. Master Pinterest
  6. Cut expenses down to an average of $1,250 per month for 2021

We decided to break these down into individual quarterly goals. Breaking down your goals can really help in making them more manageable.

Here are my Q1 goals that will go into helping me achieve the overall 2020 goals:

Quarter 1 Goals

January | February | March

  1. Get up to 3,000 pageviews/month in March
  2. Have at least 35 blog posts/guest posts
  3. 200 Pinterest followers
  4. Write first eBook/e-Course
  5. Start up second side-hustle
  6. Have credit Cards paid off in full

Income Goals: $200

I believe that these are all quite manageable to accomplish over the course of three months. I do also work a full-time job, so I want to be able to have a good balance in my life. 

My overall income goals for this are relatively low since my focus is not on generating revenue right now, but on creating excellent content that brings some sort of value to you.

We are going to want to develop an attack strategy for achieving these goals in 2020:

Reaching The Challenging 2020 Goals

With these goals in place, I believe that will be on a good growth pace. I want to be able to reach many people, so that we can all work together in our journey to financial independence (HYRE).

The most difficult 2020 goal that I have is my Student Loan goal to pay-off $10,000 this year. This is called a “stretch goal“, meaning it is particularly challenging to reach. I like to use stretch goals because it encourages me to go above and beyond to reach extreme results.

I would recommend implementing a stretch goal in your yearly goals to provide a challenge. The key aspect is even if you fall short of your goal, you still worked harder and made it farther compared to if you didn’t set that goal. So give it a try!

To reach this goal of paying off $10,000 in a year, I would need to put an average of $850 towards it every month. This is a total of 20% of my total base income going exclusively towards student loans.

The first few months would be tough since I’m still building my emergency fund and paying off my PayPal credit. Once my side-hustles get rolling, the alternative revenue will be a huge help for boosting my monthly loan paydown. 

Cutting expenses is a large part of how I can achieve this. Frugality will allow me to allocate more money to my student loans. 

In Q1, I plan on cutting my Food budget in half. It’s my highest expense category that can be easily fixed.

Q1 Attack Strategy for Reaching 2020 Goals


The main focus of Q1 is growing Minted Millennial. 

To stay on pace for 35 blog posts, I need to write an average of 7 posts per month.

Achieving this goal along with getting up to 200 Pinterest followers should help grow exposure of Minted Millennial and increase traffic. I plan on implementing other promotional strategies as well, but for now I am focused on producing quality content.

Subsequently, my goal of reaching 3,000 pageviews in the month of March should be attainable.

I plan on writing my first eBook in February so that I can consolidate some information on my site to make it easier for my readers to consume. 

I will most likely aim the eBook towards young adults that are minty-fresh out of college and are trying to gain knowledge on how to start their journey to financial independence at a young age. AKA people that are in similar situations to me. 

Lastly, I have some options in terms of side hustles. My Q1 side hustle that I will be starting is – drumrollllllll:


I’m expecting to have a pretty busy Q1, leaving me less time to commit to this side hustle. Luckily, I can build up my profile on this and start earning income quickly since I don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of time learning new skills for this. 

Additionally, TaskRabbit can be exclusively my weekend job.

This will allow me to attack my remaining credit card debt – roughly $600 as of December 2019 – and finish building up my emergency fund. Then I can go after my goal of paying off my student loans at $1,250 per month.

*Update on this: Read to the bottom of the post

Achieving the Desired Results

So there you have it. That is my basic Q1 attack strategy for reaching my 2020 goals. If I can achieve all of these things, then I will be satisfied with my pace.

At the end of the first quarter, I’ll post my Q1 Report and review my actual results.

If I under-perform, I’ll try to adjust-up to work harder to achieve my Q2 goals, and stay on track for them.

I won’t lower my goals for Q2 if I under-perform in Q1.

In the event that I exceed my Q1 goals, I may need to raise my Q2 goals accordingly, depending on the degree in which I exceed them. 

What goals are you setting for 2020? Let me know in the comments below or shoot me a message here. 

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more posts in my series, Hustle Young, Retire Early (HYRE).

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So after doing a bit more research on TaskRabbit, I found some pretty negative feedback that turned me off quite a bit from it:




These were some of many negative reviews. I’m not sure how true any of these are individually but the overwhelming negativity around it has encouraged me to seek out a different side-hustle in 2020. 

With that, however, there were also many positive reviews. So it seems like some people have really found it to be useful! If you want to do it, don’t let the haters tell you not to!

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