#2 Who Is This “Minted Millennial” Character Anyways?


I’ll take this time to formally introduce myself… My name is Minted Millennial and I am $30k deep in student loan debt.

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I graduated from college less than a year ago with a bachelor’s degree, and am now working a full-time position at an IT company making a modest salary. I have a less-than-stellar track record of managing my finances and have always lived paycheck to paycheck. 

That is all changing now though. At 23, it’s time to start planning ahead and get laser-focused on getting well-minted – hence, the title of this blog.

The Goal:

You and I, we are going to full-on ATTACK our debt to get it down to $0, then use the good habits we set to make a minty million.

The caveat?

We are going to try to do this within 7 years.


Can it be done? Only time will tell. On paper, it is possible. But we all know life, with its curveballs and obstacles. There will always be factors we don’t account for when planning for the future, which is why it is always best to prepare for the worst.

It is important for us to set this goal of ours, and I want you all to do it too. You have to know that you ARE capable of doing it. It’s a matter of how much you’re willing to do for it. 

I understand, everyone has drastically different life situations. Some people are far more in the hole than others. $30k in debt is not nearly as bad as it could be, but no matter where you are at right now, there are certain principles and lifestyle changes that can apply to everyone.

Now, we will all get to know each other more as we continue this journey, and I look forward to chatting with any and all of my readers! I want to hear all about your situations and the different things that you are doing to improve your current position. Keep reading on to hear more about mine, and maybe by the end of this, we can all ride into the financial sunset of early retirement!

Next up, I’ll go over my financial situation as of 2019 and how I budget my money for now. This is all bound to change over time as I turn more into a hardcore saver, but this should prove to be a solid baseline for where we are starting.

Read a little bit more about me here.

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