Hustle Young, Retire Early Series

Tired of debt? Fed up with living paycheck to paycheck? Tryna be a millionaire? This is the place to start! Follow my quest for financial freedom as I document my journey from 30k in student loan debt to reach my goal of achieving one million dollars by the time I turn 30.

financial freedom

#9 What Does Financial Freedom Mean To Me?

What is financial freedom? It’s technically defined as having the ability to cover all living expenses for the rest of your life without being employed or having to rely on others. That’s a pretty high-level definition, so what specifically does it mean to me? Financial Freedom On A Deeper Level I have spent many days …

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#6 Q1 Attack Strategy: Reaching Our 2020 Goals

An offensive coordinator in the NFL never goes into a game without a gameplan. Every week, the OC conjures up a plan against whoever they’re facing, identifying the other team’s weaknesses and strengths in order to determine the best plan of attack. This should be our mentality going into 2020. We should not be entering …

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#2 Who Is This “Minted Millennial” Character Anyways?

Introduction I’ll take this time to formally introduce myself… My name is Minted Millennial and I am $30k deep in student loan debt. I graduated from college less than a year ago with a bachelor’s degree, and am now working a full-time position at an IT company making a modest salary. I have a less-than-stellar …

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#1 From Not-So-Minted Beginnings

Hello and welcome to the humble beginnings of my series, Hustle Young, Retire Early (HYRE). Join me on this journey to achieve what many people strive for: Financial Independence, and One. Million. Dollars. Now I know what you may be thinking. How could I possibly reach financial independence and become a millionaire when I’m buried …

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