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Hey! Welcome to Minted Millennial. My name is Austin, and I’m here to be your friend, guide, companion, or whatever else you want me to be for you and your financial journey! 

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Austin Ryder

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Personal Finance can be hard. And sometimes, we aren’t always comfortable with sharing our financial life with our loved ones. I totally get it. That’s why I created this safe place for us to share our financial problems, our ambitions, our wins, our losses, anything.

Here’s a little bit about Minted Millennial:

Minted Millennial was launched on a chilly November night in 2019 to foster a community of aspiring millennial millionaires.


This blog might be for you if you’re a millennial that’s:

a) Living with an entrepreneurial spirit and want to put some good ideas to use to make more money.

b) Tired of living in debt and would rather be free of stress and financial burden.

c) Ready to break away from the pack. Stop doing what all of your friends and coworkers are doing and march to the beat of your own drum to become someone that they look up to.

d) Ready to begin the journey to financial independence and early retirement so that you can live the life most people only dream about.


If this sounds like you, then I could not be more happy that you are here. The reason being, these qualities describe me as well. Those four points pretty much sum up my exact position at the time of starting Minted Millennial. 

I wanted to document my journey from the very beginning: $30k of student loan debt and less than $1,000 saved up. I want to share everything I learn, everything I do, and everything about me so that you too can break free from the rat race and the endless cycle of meaningless spending that so many others partake in.

Break free from the ordinary, take charge of your life.

My documentation of this exists in my Hustle Young, Retire Early (HYRE) series. I encourage you to read through it from the beginning.

I’ll share all of my tips and habits with you so that you can pick and choose different ways to improve your life. I’d also hope that you would be willing to share your knowledge with me as well – we’re in this together.

About Austin

Hey! I’m Austin.

I am a recent college grad with degrees in Health Science, Business, and Psychology, all for the price of $30,000! Currently, I work full time as an IT Consultant in Healthcare and I blog on the side for fun. I love my dog, Elsa (not named after the Disney character), and IPA’s. Well, all beer in general!

I consider myself to be a life-long learner and a serial hobbyist. I also love engaging in conversation about abstract concepts and how to fix the worlds problems, so feel free to contact me if you’re interested in picking my brain. I’m always looking to broaden my horizons!

minted millennial

So why did I start this Personal Finance Blog?

After graduating college, the reality of student loans hit me. I realized that for the next 10 years, I would be trapped under the weight of the $30,000 that I owed. 

It really got me thinking about my finances, which had never been too much of a concern to me. I was always fortunate enough to have my parents cover my rent in college so that I can focus on my studies (and partying). With all of these new expenses hitting my bank account, I knew that it was time to nut up, or shut-up.


I decided that I will not let my loans dictate the next 10 years of my financial life. Absolutely not. I would hope that if you’re reading this, you’ve come to a similar conclusion.

At this point, I started heavily listening to Dave Ramsey and the Money Guy Show. I also began reading blogs such as Mr. Money Mustache, Financial Samurai, and Think Save Retire. I found myself learning more and more about personal finance, but more importantly, I was really enjoying it.

That’s when I realized, I can combine my personal finance knowledge with my love for writing, and my need for a creative outlet in the form of Minted Millennial.

When reading other blogs, I didn’t really see many of them that were actually going through it from the beginning, so it was harder to relate to them.

Many of the other finance blogs out there are all pretty similar, where they’ve already made it. They retired early and sit around and blog their life away.. No disrespect, though, that’s my goal as well! I’m just taking a different approach.

See we are starting from nothing, to show that you too are capable of achieving great things. As you read on, you will learn more about my life, and you will also learn plenty about growing your wealth, as this is something that I’ve grown to love learning about. I hope that you can share my love for this so that you can live a stress-free and happy life.

Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to retire sooner than you think, and buy that dream car of yours (my dream car is an Audi R8).

Thank you guys for being here, I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you.

Start from the beginning of my journey, or go view my recent posts here. Enjoy!

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